Celebrate Today


This very moment is all we are given, and you're a gal who appreciates every bit of this life you are living, sending up acknowledgements and gratitudes along the way.  Celebrate today, we say, and like a festive offering of thanks and joy, we assembled a group of gorgeous elements to create a party for the present.  Four strands of polished black onyx mix and mingle with colorful magnesite spacers throughout their fun fluttering--adding pops of happy brightness amongst the glossy black beads.  Emphasizing whimsy and optimism, a 1940s blossom brooch shows off petals of dyed pink pearly shell with a center of colorful beaded resin flowers, unmistakably enjoying their time together.  Completing the arrangement is a hammered bronze hook from Thailand, allowing the strands to clasp at 18" in length.
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