Go Against the Grain


Do your own thing, gal; go against the grain. This favorite will serve you well along the way--it's your unique style all in one stunner of a necklace. Carved bone beads (we seriously can't get enough of the lovely linear decoration on each bead facet) lead the way to a one-of-a-kind vintage carved wood compact pendant. Made by hand with the most divine craftsmanship and ingenuity, the simple honesty of the compact's design is stunning and gorgeous, with mortis-and-tenon joints and perfectly-fitting components. True elegant straightforward-ness. The only touches of obvious glam in the whole necklace are subtle: faceted gilt brass beads throughout the bone strands and a gilt copper toggle at back, both adding simple hints of golden to the otherwise natural, organic aesthetic. Measures 22" in length.
$ 308.00
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