Build Me Up Buttercup

Elva Fields

From a customer's collection of Elva Fields necklaces that dates back to our earliest days in business, we were overjoyed to have this one back in the studio after its debut in our Summer Collection of 2010. Finding matte-finished enamel flowers in such pristine condition like this vintage brooch-earrings set is MUCH harder these days, and we're just as much in love with the blooms now as we were when we found them at a flea market 13 years ago. The cheerful yellow is a joyful contrast to the glossy black onyx beads (again, of a quality that is a much rarer find today) and a vintage black crystal jeweled clasp brings the look together at back. We're thrilled to offer this gem again, and we didn't change a single thing about it because some styles simply age gracefully. Measures 18" length.

Here's a link to this necklace's original listing in our archives.

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