Brings Forth Your Best


Anything that inspires you to be wonderful, that brings forth your best is a treasure indeed, and there is much motivation and magnificence in a beauty like this one.  Sparkling freely and splendidly at front center is a rare vintage find, a butterfly of gorgeous, glittering origins--wings spread to show off shining rhinestones and an optimistic, inspiring spirit.  Though several stones are missing, it seems to only add to its stunning charm, a tribute to the enduring attitude of encouragement.  As if momentarily alighted, the brooch rests atop seven strands of faceted turquoise crystal beads, a more muted version of the hue that is equally alluring and unique.  Measuring from 18 to 20" in length, the strands are brought together at back by a vintage rhinestone hook-and-chain clasp.
$ 338.00
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