Blooms Gone Glam


This is not your grandmother's garden--these blooms have gone from simple and pretty to all-out glam, thanks to a triple-strand of laser-cut, gold-washed metal beads. The blooms themselves are a  vintage brooch and earring set by Sarah Coventry in peach enamel and goldtone petals.  An adjustable etched gold vermeil toggle clasp blends nicely at the back while allowing for a length range of 18.5-19.5”. 

Please note: We love the pale gold wash on these beads from India, but it seems the golden finish has worn a bit in places…and might continue to do so as you sport it on the town.  While the variation in the metal (from pale gold to the silver beneath it) adds to the character and charm of the design, if you're looking for an all-out solid gold style, this may not be your necklace!

$ 208.00 $ 108.00
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