Blooms Bright, Shines True


There is so much to love here, not just because of scale (the flower measures a whopping 6" in length!) but because it combines so many favorite things: flowers, pink (and a coral-pink, at that!), stars, gold, and pattern. When we spotted this bloom in a glass case at a favorite flea market last month we nearly squealed with delight; it was toward the end of the day, and we had already lucked into so many beautiful was hard to believe our eyes at size and beauty with this one. Truly, in a lifetime of vintage treasure hunts, we've never seen anything quite like this lovely. Glass jewels adorn the petals and leaves of the flower (though one small coral gem is missing, it's located beneath a petal, so not even noticeable...) while a brass stem winds its way in a gentle curve below.

As much as we adore the fun flower, we're smitten for these star-patterned bone beads from Kenya, coin-shaped and delightful, and we added a vintage pink glass bead from Africa between each just to heighten the overall adoration. Together, the elements bloom bright and shine true, not unlike you, lovely lady.

Measures 19.5" in length with a gilt copper clasp at back.

$ 348.00
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