Civic Duty


It is, indeed, your civic duty to be a loyal and abiding inhabitant of this grand land we are so fortunate to call our own...and though there is no law stating you must be an impeccably fashionable citizen, you are certainly setting some high standards for the rest of us!  In perfect accordance with your stylish pursuits, this one-of-a-kind design is the perfect addition to your high-class collection. A double-strand of faceted labradorite makes for a pleasantly cool grey backdrop, one incorporating some rather enticing shine. Atop these stones perches a vintage hand-wired faux coral and turquoise glass boutonniere brooch, a substantial and impressive find at nearly 5" in length. (We were swooning upon sight!)  Fastening with a gold-plated hook, this stunning design measures 18.5" in overall length. 

$ 268.00
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