Better Off Buckled


Oh, this was a fun find. Anything coral (faux or otherwise) gets our vote, and when it arrived in the form of a pressed glass Art Deco buckle, pavé rhinestones accenting its design, we were ecstatic. Full disclosure: plenty of rhinestones are missing, but the buckle is such a beauty, we left it as is, paying homage to its elegant past, no doubt full of fun stories and glamorous occasions. Here, the buckle takes on a new adventure with carved black jade and coral beads, becoming the clasp of the trio of cheerfully stylish strands. Choose to wear the buckle at front or side (to show it off, of course!) or at back for a more subtle look with only the beads on display. No matter, you're better off buckled with this beauty. Necklace measures 18.5" in length.

 *A note: the black jade beads have been color-enhanced to deepen their dark shade. Certain lotions and perfumes are known to cause a chemical reaction that transfers color from the beads to the skin, so take care when wearing--perhaps with dark clothing is best.

$ 238.00
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