All In Its Time


Polished agate can be spectacular on its own - the banded patterns and colors of the stone proof of nature's wonder and beauty. But agate polished by....wait for it...sand from the Gobi Desert is further evidence of the amazing and breathtaking world in which we live. I was floored when I found these incredible specimens at market over the summer, and I immediately knew they would be a favorite for fall, their muted hues and soft banding a beautiful fit for the subtlety and earthiness of this coming season. A carnelian glass buckle from the early 20th century, with its gilt filigree decoration, is an ideal accompaniment to the two strands, themselves featuring tiny faceted brass beading for glittering hints at manmade glamour amongst the natural magnificence of the stone slices. Each bead measures approximately 2" on average, the necklace 19" length, and the buckle 3.5" length (which may be worn at either side or at back for three different looks in one!)

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