Aim and Purpose


Your aim is true, your purpose joy, and your love of beauty in all forms evident. We love that this one caught your eye, as its unique charm isn't for everyone. The necklace, of course, has a long and winding back story about how its separate elements became a cohesive design; from finding the beads at market when we noticed them from across the room. (That blue--how could we pass it by?) Nearly six months later at a favorite flea, we found an old box full of discarded vintage Bakelite and acrylic ornaments and knew something fun would come of them. After drilling and then connecting the pieces with 14 karat gold filled wires, the look is nothing short of statement-making. A blue glass jeweled and gilt copper clasp completes the necklace at back, measuring 20.5" in overall length.


$ 308.00
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