A Tisket, A Tasket


A tisket, a tasket, a giant yellow basket? Okay, so maybe we took some creative liberties with that one, but after seeing this necklace you'll be changing your tune as well. Sitting pretty, front and center, is a vintage, larger-than-life beaded and jeweled flower basket brooch by Ian St. Gieler for Stanley Hagler. Though created in the famed New York City studio from the early 1990s, the piece itself is composed of uncirculated vintage elements (like glass beads and filigreed sections, all wired by hand) dating to the 30s and 40s. Two strands of glossy black onyx are the only adornment needed, and a gold vermeil twist toggle clasp brings it all together at approximately 18.5" long overall. A stunning yellow basket, with happy floral blooms overflowing.  

$ 398.00
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