A Riddle Is She


As enigmatic as the Sphinx's curious riddle, you're the kind of girl who keeps others guessing.  One never knows what kind of fashion muse you may be from one day to the next, and you love nothing more than following your whim and wanderlust though life and love.  In tribute to your mysterious ways, we've crafted a look as equally coy and coquettish in seven strands of brightly-hued jade beads--color-enhanced and entirely enjoyable.  At front center (the real conversation-starter) is an Art Deco buckle, resplendent in red celluloid and featuring the sophisticated, stylish one herself, the Great Sphinx in beautifully-aged gilt brass.  Fastening at back with a gilt copper clasp, you'll bewilder and bemuse in one colorful charade. Measures 17.5" in length.
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