A Fierceness to Beauty


Pretty, dainty, and charming are always perfect descriptors for our beloved wardrobe additions... However, sometimes we like a hint of edge and a design that can be described as nothing less than fierce! Three strands of faceted rock crystal surround a vintage Lucite and black enamel blossom brooch hailing from West Germany (it's detachable, so wear the gorgeous beads by themselves if you do so please!) While this beautiful brooch is certainly as darling as can be, the element of ferocity is in the spike of this little bloom, both lovely with a hint of sass! While this adornment is a stunner, be careful when hugging your dear ones, this little dazzler has quite the sharp center-- sure to ward off any fashion critiques in your way! Measuring 18" in length, this style attaches with a gilt copper toggle. 

$ 328.00 $ 298.00
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