A Bit of Bubbly


Just as no party is complete without a glass of the sparkly stuff, for many holidays to come your party attire won't be a full ensemble without your soon-to-be signature look. Two strands of polished rock crystal may sound simple enough, but thanks to three, large vintage glass ball dangles, they're literally bubbling over with style. The beautiful reflective qualities of the glass means you'll get a new look with every turn.  A silver toggle from Thailand is a simple closure for the unique look. Cheers to you! Measures 18.5" overall. 

A word to the wise:  Because this necklace is made of the loveliest (though somewhat weighty) rock crystal and solid glass, it has some heft to it...so not for the faint of heart or weak of neck, we'd say.  But worth the exercise for sure!

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$ 198.00 $ 178.00
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