Shine Bright Like A Diamond


What is ever so endearing about a diamond? Is it the glamour, the sparkle, the luminescent shine? Well yes, ofcourse these all play a part, but what is most alluring is that every diamond is unique. Being such a standout lady, your intrigue is derived by not only your gleaming appearance, but from every one-of-a-kind attribute you so gracefully encompass. An oversized strand of magnificent green resin encircles a black celluloid and rhinestone buckle ornament, decorated with a sparkling diamond design. This adornment hails from the land of all things fashionable (also more commonly known as France!) and we are ever so pleased we stumbled upon this chic world traveler. Attaching with a gilt copper and black glass clasp, this statement-maker measures 21" in length. 

$ 178.00
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