With Panache and Pedigree


The French would call it a certain "je ne sais quoi"... But we'd like to call it a downright fabulous sense of panache! There's something about your confident and flamboyant style and manner that truly lights up a room! Which is why we can see no better place for the sweet standout style we have here than at rest upon your collar! Five strands of faceted bright green crystal are adorned by one classy little gent, a vintage jeweled elephant brooch (likely made by design house Sphinx) to be exact. This splendid creature (encrusted with gems just as any glamourous being should be!) is detachable, so feel free to take him along on your adventures whenever you please, or leave him at home for a little break whenever you see fit. Fastening with a gilt copper toggle, this style measures 18" in length. 

$ 198.00
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