Smiles After All


When I unexpectedly ran into an old friend and vendor of beautiful African beads on my last buying adventure (which was the first in-person buying trip I'd taken in over two years!) he revealed a stash of vintage and antique glass beads from Ghana and Nigeria that dropped my jaw.

I instantly adored the bright colors, vibrant patterns, and varying shapes and decided to create a home-stretch-of-summer batch of necklaces just so I could include them. They remind me of sunny days and blue skies (and just might bring that feeling even when the seasons change.) These, especially, with their coral reds, salmon-y pinks, and rosy hues all together, are the best of their hues, bringing smiles even after all that comes our way. Clasped at back with a vintage hook and chain (who can resist a fun pop of nearly-neon orange?!) the necklace measures from 20.5 to 22.5" length.

$ 178.00
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