Breathtaking Rarity

Elva Fields

Discovering this 100-year-old buckle literally took our breath away; between its five-and-a-half-inch size, impeccable craftsmanship, and saturated blue-green color combination, it is a rare and most wonderful design. Pierced and cut from a heavy, darkened brass metal and decorated with sparkling glass gems, we first decided we wanted to pair the buckle (which would be the necklace's front-and-center clasp) with a collection of vintage green glass beads from Venice, Italy and to intersperse those tubular beads with smaller deep blue crystal beads to play up the vibrant hues of the jeweled buckle. When a statement style from 2010 re-appeared in our studio as part of the first-ever Re-Vintage batch of jewels, those plans changed. We couldn't resist the vintage Elva's lapis beads - not only for their rich blue hue but because it has become nearly impossible to find high-quality lapis like these beauties in such a substantial size. As a nod to our original idea and to more comfortably distribute the drape of the design around the neck, we snuck in a stretch of the vintage Venetian green glass at back in addition to the faceted lapis beads, so there are many bits to love here, full of beauty, history, and style. Necklace measures 20" length.

Here's a link to the beads in their original listing in our Online Archives.

$ 378.00
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