Brave Enough

Elva Fields

We've always said that Elva Fields wasn't really for wallflowers, and here's yet another example of why; we're guessing only the boldest in style would sport this gem proudly. It checks all the boxes for us: quirky color (how 'bout that pinky-purple mix?)), interesting materials (teardrop beads of sliced coral,) repurposed vintage (not only was the brass clasp originally a belt buckle, it was also featured in a vintage Deb Collection necklace design a dozen years ago and returned to the studio for a refresh and a new lease on life this fall as part of our Re-Vintage fun,) and statement style (five fluttering strands does not a minimalist look make.) If you're up for the fun and brave enough to enjoy a notice-me-now look with history and beauty, she's your gal! (And you are ours, of course.) Measures 17.5" shortest strand, buckle clasp nearly 4" length.
$ 278.00
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