Groovy Kind of Love

Elva Fields

We've got a groovy kind of love going on here with this exceptionally fun and beautifully-crafted vintage Czechoslovakian buckle. Showing exquisite guilloché enamel (in which a design is etched and may be seen in the metal beneath the enamel decoration) with shades of pink, red, and orange in a playful pattern that even includes a very mod-like flower in the mix. If the craftsmanship, condition, and color weren't enough to woo us, the faceted pink glass gem at the buckle's center does the trick - it's a sparkling stunner. The buckle becomes the clasp for three strands of Czech beads, hearts of cut glass with a swirl of bright pink throughout each matte-edged surface. A tiny bead of red coral alternates with each heart for a groovy, gorgeous arrangement. Measures 17" length, shortest strand.
$ 188.00
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