With Rays of Love

Elva Fields

We can never get enough of hand-painted blue and white porcelain and ceramics - their beauty is timeless and endlessly chic. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to snag these vintage blue and white beauties recently, having them immediately in mind for a statement style featuring a vintage golden horse brass pendant that shows and shares the love. Horse brasses, largely crafted and casted in Great Britain, were traditionally threaded through the leather strap of a horse's bridle known as the martingale and worn for ceremonial occasions with their symbolic imagery. Here, the heart of this horse brass radiates with love, and we adore the combination and blending of material, iconography, cultures, and scale. (And no doubt it will make a stylish statement, too.) Measures 20.5" length with gilt copper toggle clasp at back.
$ 308.00
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