Makes It Marvelous

Elva Fields

Does it count if we Re-Vintage a design that hadn't even left the studio yet? Either way, we decided to give one of our designs from this past Spring Collection a makeover, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our Knot in Love necklace was a favorite, but when it stayed on the site for a few months, we started to wonder if its bold purple ombré buckle made it a bit more challenging to wear and enjoy. 

Enter a fresh find from a favorite flea (say that five times fast!): a vintage brass jeweled bouquet brooch with glass gems just the right shade of soft lavender-pink that seemed MEANT for those patterned glass beads from Ghana. Truly, the brooch makes it all more marvelous, and we swapped silver for gold in clasp and occasional spacer beads. Refreshed and renewed and re-vintaged...and ready for you to enjoy!

Necklace measures 22" length at its shortest strand.

$ 328.00
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