Fitted Together


Like the best of puzzle pieces, this buckle is fitted together beautifully. We initially spied this hand-carved beauty among dozens of other metal buckles at a favorite flea and were instantly drawn to its scale and rustic finish. A natural wonder among the more dazzling designs, really. With its notched feature stunning simplicity, we waited to find just the right beads to add. Something about the gunmetal glam of cube-shaped beads brings a bit of stylish sophistication to the buckle that here becomes the clasp, and we love the interplay of textures, especially with the addition of tiny sterling silver beads around the attachments of the strands to the wooden buckle. With a versatility we all adore, the buckle may be worn at the side or at back, depending on your desired look, and at a flattering longer length of 20.5" (shortest strand) the drape and design are a fun and fashionable fit for all.
$ 258.00
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