What's In Your Jewelry Box? - Custom Care Package


What's In Your Jewelry Box? 

Perhaps a vintage jewel or two that you'd like to re-invent? Maybe a family heirloom that's been sitting unworn, but with which you can't bear to part and just may need a refresh to be enjoyed?

Sift through your treasures and select a few to send our way in this custom care package, complete with a protective bubble bag, ready-to-assemble box, pre-paid shipping label, and step-by-step instructions for mailing your jewelry to us.  This is the start of a fun collaborative adventure ahead in which we'll work together to create a custom jewel you're sure to enjoy for years to come (and maybe even pass along to generations to follow!) 

For details about the WIYJB/custom design process, click here--we're happy to walk you through the whole she-bang and answer any questions you might have.

* This serves as your initial non-refundable deposit toward a custom design and will be credited toward the final cost of your creation upon completion. For details on pricing, see our FAQ page

$ 100.00
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