Unafraid of Strength


Ever one to embrace your strength, you rarely shy away from the challenges. We were reminded of your ferocity and determination when we spied these stunning pendants of chrysoprase at market last month. Truly, we'd never seen the likes of them before, and their bold style won us over immediately. We love the deep green (the hue for which chalcedony is typically known) but also adore the marvelously rich brown of the surrounding stone in which the gem is found naturally, and hope it suggests that perhaps we're all made more beautiful and strong with others by our side. (Certainly the case here, we think!) Suspended from a vintage goldtone chain, it's a luxe arrangement that is also oh-so-wearable, just as ready for brunch as for board meetings or black tie.  No clasp, simply throw on and go...fearlessly.  Measures 23.5" in overall length.
$ 298.00
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