RTW Necklace - Pink


We've been dreaming of this style for some time now, and when we finally found just the right cotton cord to make our dreams come true, we knew we'd share this go-anywhere style in time for the holidays. Made by hand in India, adjustable tasseled cords allow lengths from 16 to 35 inches with the clever slide of a knot, and their assortment of happy-hued vintage acrylic beads draped at front brings charm and cheer in equal measure. Each necklace will have its own unique assortment of beads, so no two are alike, and only a small number of each cord color is available. In deep pink cotton here, this necklace is also available in black and royal blue.

* Affectionately dubbed our "RTW" necklace for "ready to wear," we've also created a DIY kit available for purchase here that includes tools, materials, and step-by-step instructions so that you can make your very own version of this necklace at home. 

$ 40.00
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