Kind of Awesome


You know you're kind of awesome? And this stunner may just be your kind of awesome. It's certainly ours. These beads are pretty much the jam, golden brass tubes from India that had us swooning upon arrival. Their dramatic drape in seven strands with small silver beads (also from India) comes courtesy of a vintage rhinestone buckle that serves as the glittering, gorgeous clasp of the design. Whether you choose to wear it at the side (total rock star) or at back (more subtly stylish) you're sure to toss out that vibe of amazing. Well, you do anyway, but you know what we mean. Rock on, sister. Measures 18.5" in length, shortest strand.

Note: These brass beads are solid metal, so there is some substantial heft to this design. Not for the faint of neck...but totally worth the effort.

$ 358.00
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