How You Carry It


We've heard it said that it's not the load you bear, but how you carry it, and we'd love to take a cue from this able figure and keep it all balanced as we make our way through life. We loved this beautiful reminder when we found the enameled and rhinestone-jeweled brooch at a favorite flea last month. From the soft blue of the figure's shirt and his rhinestone-studded shorts to his flip-flops and brimmed hat, we delighted in every detail. And the load he carries? Beautiful! A pair of hand-made lampwork glass beads. We took a cue from the soft pink of the beads and paired the brooch with strands of matte-finished African glass saucer beads in a dusty pink hue, and we couldn't be more joyful about the results: balanced, beautiful, inspirational. Measures 22.5" in length with a gilt copper box clasp at back.

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