It's true that we may have had to conceal a squeal of delight at one of our favorite flea markets when we spied a strand of hand-carved bone pineapple beads in a glass case, nearly covered with other odds and ends. Though the necklace (likely dating to the early 20th century) wasn't in the greatest of shape, we knew the beads were more beautiful than any we'd seen and could be salvaged for something wonderful. And here we are! We have a limited number of these cheerful carved pineapple bead earrings available (you'll swoon over the tiny delightful details!) on 14 karat gold filled wires. Each measures 0.75" in length (but please note they are carved by hand, so each is a little different in its own unique way!) and is entirely magical. You know, in that "I can't stop thinking about how amazing these are..." kind of way. Not actual magic. But kinda.
$ 40.00
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