Botanical No. 13

Elva Fields

Inspired by wildflowers and even weeds that begin to emerge in early spring and on into summer, I started this series a year ago after a walk in my new neighborhood brought an awareness of the beauty in shape, scale, and silhouette of these growing plants. I had stumbled upon a stack of handmade paper at my favorite art supply shop in town and began to experiment with the idea of pressed flowers as expressed in painted shapes and outline. The raw edges and soothing color palette of the paper seem to be the perfect accompaniment to the natural wonder and elegance of the flora, and it is my hope that they are at once playful and meditative - a moment of joy, maybe.

  • original artwork, painted in acrylic and signed on handmade paper
  • measures approximately 9 x 12"
  • unframed (images show framing and mounting possibilities)
  • please note interior arrangements may not be exactly to scale, but offer inspiration for hanging and grouping
  • images owned by the artist, not for reproduction
$ 138.00
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